Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Pronounced Since hay' lay ho.  We left Santa Marta and the Dreamer hostel for Sincelejo.  We had not made any reservations for hotels or hostels, we just took off.  No one at the hostel who traveled all over Colombia, had even heard of this place.  Along the way to Sincelejo, we stopped in Caucasia (yes, that is the name) for lunch.  Nothing special about the town but we were ready for lunch.  Everywhere we stopped the bikes seem to always draw a crowd

One of my favorite pictures so far.  The owner was happy we were there.  That's him in the red shirt with the bag.
Normal view, with lots of trucks
Chuck finally found a safe lane to ride in.

We arrived in Sincelejo without a clue of were we were going to stay.  It was getting dark and it was a Saturday night.  Everyone was out on the road.  We tooled around downtown and found a hotel in the centro.  Chuck went in and I stayed with the bikes.  We spent the night in a relative modern hotel.  The costs are not as low for some of these places as I was told.  

We walked across to the mall and was going to have some fast food and a Cerveza.  Who knew that for three days at an election (for anything) that alcohol is not allowed to be served.  So we ended up with fried chicken (think Churches) and a coke and an early evening.

The next morning we heard about the bicycle team who had come to a race in Sincelejo.  They were staying at our hotel and checking out about the time we were going to breakfast.  Below are a few pictures from the hotel.

Bikes parked in secure parking, next to the bicycle team car.
Another shot of the second bicycle team car with bikes.

Chuck managed to get into the photo with some the support team SAG members.

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