Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pisco (Pes' Co)

A final word about Lima KTM.  I know there are different experiences people have with services and a lot has to do with expectations and communication.  We didn’t know what to expect when we went to Lima KTM having read about experiences from several different sources.  All I can say is that I am glad that Lima KTM, and in particular, Jesus didn’t charge us for every hour they actually spent helping us, first with the service on the KTM’s and then trying to find a decent hotel  in the area. 

I highly recommend stopping in at the KTM dealership in Lima if there is anything you need done while on your adventure.  Here is Jesus with my “Pretty”, clean and good as new Dakar. 

After leaving the hotel and having a small adventure on it’s own with the Taxi cab driver, we arrived at the KTM shop.  The Taxi cab driver didn’t seem to want to take directions from the two gringo’s in the back seat and we got to see some parts of Lima we did not expect to see. 

When we got into the KTM shop, the bikes were ready, the bill was ready, we made payment, got our stuff packed and we were on our way, in about an hour.  Leaving Lima wasn’t that big of a hassle either.  Drove down the main road in front of the shop, made a right onto the freeway, dodging taxi’s, trucks and motorbikes and out of town we went.  I am still struck by the desert sense from riding down the coastal highway. 

There does also seem to be these places where for random reasons something has broken down.  I don’t know what happened here, but it seems the trailer just lost a set of trucks.  I worry sometimes that this will happen right in front of me.

We are in Pisco now, and made arrangements to see the Nazca Lines tomorrow from the air.  Some of you may be aware that you really can’t get a sense of what these lines are unless you view them from the air.  There are also theories about aliens visiting earth in ancient times and leaving these lines for others to follow.  We will see them tomorrow, and will “phone home” if we are abducted.   

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