The Journey Begins

We arrived in Cartagena 9/21/2012 and began our lessons in Spanish. We negotiated a good rate from the Airport to Casa La Fe 10,000 COP or about $5.55.  Can't get that in Houston, but that is where our negotiating skills collapsed.  Surprisingly, prices here in old town Cartagena are at least on par if not a little more than prices in Houston.  But we are learning and higher costs are generally the price you pay.

Anyway, today we went in search of SOAT or the basic required vehicle insurance in Colombia.  We got a quote of about $220 US from Jeff the owner of Casa La Fe from his insurance carrier, for a years worth.  We may end up taking him up because we will be back in a few months and it would be good not to have to go through finding insurance again.

Here are some pictures from today:

Lunch at Mila's

Wall of the Old City

Funny Sequence #1) photo of intersection with Bus
#2) she apparently thought I was taking a picture of her :-)

Another picture of the Old Wall

The Avenida leading up to the Old Wall

Mila's bakery / lunch
I think Chuck is celebrating too much!  look at the beer.

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