Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Santa Marta

We followed our GPS maps to where the hostel The Dreamer was located, or so we thought.  We had heard about hostel living and the web site hostelworld.com through a couple of young people in Cartagena.  When I looked it up, The Dreamer got high marks.  But we decided to just go and not book, probably not the best choice.  As I said when we got to where it was supposed to be we could not find it.  Back and forth on the road, until a woman came out and waved us down.  She asked if we were looking for The Dream and then pointed at a sign about 30 feet away, that we passed every time we had turned around.  

Esther was the significant other of the owner of the Dreamer.  Ester is on the left.  She invited us in, told us what the options were and basically the only one that worked for us was the one with four beds and an air conditioner!  There were no suites available.  So we took what was available.  Honestly I was not prepared for roommates, that was not exactly how I heard Esther describe the room.  

So there were room mates.  Meet Maria and Regula (right).  We did not even meet them until the second day, other than a brief hi to Maria. We were asleep by the time they came back to the room on the first day.  They wanted the fan off and the air conditioner turned warmer.  We tried to accommodate but we were hot.  The next day when we finally met them, they said they both slept in sweaters, socks and caps.  Talk about making an impression.  :-)

Maria and Regula
Chucks bike in front of the office
Chucks bike right and mine in the bushes hiding
The gate that we had to get the bikes into and out off over the curb and step up
It was a tight squeeze
After staying for two nights in the hostel it was time to.  We agreed that adding an additional two people two our normally messed up schedules really made things more difficult.  If we stay at a hostel again, we will only choose one with no other gets in the room.

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