Saturday, September 8, 2012

On Your Marks ...

Going Away Party

So we invited a few friends to a little mom and pop Mexican restaurant we frequent.  We have known Javier and his wife Isaella for some time.  They own a small place called Mr. Sombrero's here in League City.  Here are a few pictures:

The bikes are being loaded on the boat heading for Colombia.  They should ship out September 14th and arrive in Cartagena on the 20th.  We fly to meet them on the 21st.  We were not able to take pictures at the docks due to restrictions so here are a few while they are in the crates at the crate builders.

So here is a typical traveler in Houston.  I think his name was Jed and barely kept his family fed.  I saw him on I-45 while heading to meet Chuck.  I honestly don't know how he kept some of this stuff on the truck.


  1. We were already on the road by the time you had your going away party or I'd have been annoyed at the lack of invite!

    Glad to hear you guys are getting under way.

    Gary currently in Portland

    p.s. J.F.C.! Ten tries and I can't get the captcha right -no wonder there are no comments on this post!

  2. No slight intended Gary. The invitations were last minute and more like "ready", "fire", "aim". There were a lot of folks left of the list. We will probably be back before you ;-). We leave today, but hopefully after we are back, we can meet somewhere, have a cerveza and talk about journeys.

  3. Gary, I have had similar issues with posting. I yelled at the computer I AM NOT A ROBOT, I just can't read your crypto word! I finally figured it out, there are letters/numbers in the image too. 8th time was the charm ;) Lori


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