Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On Two Wheels - Finally

After posting the write up below, I thought I would take a minute and explain everything else that has happened.  We made it to Cartagena with really no significant issues.  We were staying at the Casa La Fe.  I guess we were so excited we didn't take any pictures of the Hotel, the owner or anything.  We did go to dinner with Ed and had an engaging discussion about the world in general.  Great meal!  Here we are, try to ignore the goofy picture of me, I don't know what the hell I was doing!

Ed, Joe and Chuck - left to right
We did visit the Castillo de San Filipe.  Quite a sight.  It was very hot but that did not take away from the amazing construction and significant size of the castle.  Here are a couple pictures.
Castillo de San Filipe from a distance
View of the entrance from the top
Canon on the upper wall
Based on the advice of Jeff the owner of Casa La Fe, after leaving the Port we decided to travel  through downtown Cartagena to get to the more scenic Ruta 90A.  Traveling through the city wasn't as bad as we anticipated, I actually enjoyed it a little bit.  It's sort of like playing frogger (if you remember that game), only we were in one of the vehicles that ran the frog down :-).  We left the city going north, stopped for lunch at a Subway, mainly because it had started to rain.  I took this picture from Subway, does anyone see an iPhone lying on the ground?

More to come!

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