Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am going to just start posting randomly in order to get caught up.  First let me tell you a little story about Chuck.  He will not like this! :-)

We were in Trinidad and a HUGE frog had come into our room.  I cornered it and was looking for a way to get it out of the room.  He said; "here, wait, let me go get the woman!"  I said, shocked "No! we aren't going to get woman!" and picked up my boot, loaded the frog and threw him outside.  Now, when there is any trouble of course the first comment is; "here, wait, let me go get the woman!"

I am sure he will have something to say ... stay tuned.

The following are excerpts from notes to my wife:

Cordoba: I made it to Rosario, Argentina and found a hotel with a little help from local folks who were very nice.  My Garmin picked today to give up the ghost again, not sure why it does this.  Anyway, it could not find satellites and therefore could not tell me where the hotels were that I had picked this morning.  Oh well, I met some very nice people. 

I hope to get on the road tomorrow but not too early.  It is about a 3 hour ride to Cordoba so leaving early will probably do me no good.  I have some work to do before the Bronco game, so I will just say that I love you very much and I will probably not get on Skype tonight, unless there is something you would like to talk about.  

Dakar: I sent a check in when I got back, but apparently it did not go through.  It was a good day, went out and watched some of the bikers go by.  I stopped at a Shell station to get some gas, and you would have thought that I was a participant.  People crowded around, I let one guy with his kid get on and take pictures while I went to check the gas situation.  When I came back he handed me his kid so he could get a picture of the baby and me on the bike.  Isn't that funny?  At the event, I got my exercise; the parking lot was at least 2 miles from the viewing area, including climbing over two wire fences. 

I came back and got a shower and went and got something to eat, a dried ham and cheese, not so good!  But they had wine and a couple bottles of water, good!  Sorry about no phone call, I came back and crashed.

Today, I am going today to watch the bikes leave.  I don't know if I have a room tonight here or not, just yet.  They said they were full when I asked to extend one more night, but that they expect to have a cancellation.  I don't know, maybe there is something lost in that translation.  :-)

Brazil: Well, we had planned to stop earlier but the town Cascavel was huge and there wasn’t a clear choice on where to stay, so we just went on.  After a little trouble with Chuck’s bike, we made it to a little town called Corbelia in Brazil last night.  Chuck had the same problem as I had a while back where the fuel filter clogged and we spent about two and a half hours on the side of the road (under a shade tree at least!), changing it out.  The internet is pretty good although the power keeps going off and on which brings everything down.  We are going to try to make some longer distances the next few days. 

The country here is very pretty, very pastoral, but after you have seen a few nice green crops and fields, the road just goes on and on.   We don’t see much sense in stopping, there isn’t a lot here to stop and see.  The small towns are much nicer than the big towns in my opinion.  The people seem more friendly and in less of a hurry.  We are running into more police, yesterday right as we came into this town we are, the local policia were on the side of the road and a very impressive electronic system of cameras and radar was mounted on a tripod catching scofflaws.  Fortunately they missed us!  J

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